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Per the Government of Ontario release this afternoon, Simcoe-Muskoka will be moving to Stage Red of the Covid Framework starting Tuesday, February 16, for at least two weeks. Unfortunately this pushes our earliest possible reopening date beyond where the Board feels it is feasible to attempt to reopen. The Board will be sending information out early next week regarding your membership fees. As a reminder, you will be able to select the option to contribute your unused fees back to the club, make a donation and get a tax receipt, get a credit toward 2021-2022 fees, or get a refund. 



The club will be closed for curling activity for the duration of the Province of Ontario's 28-day lockdown, which began December 26, 2020. Please stay tuned for additional updates as we near the end of the lockdown period. 



Re: Simcoe Muskoka Goes to Stage Control - Red 

Good afternoon BCC members,

In light of today’s announcement by the provincial government that Simcoe Muskoka is moving to Stage Control – Red, we want to assure you that the Board of Directors is working diligently in this difficult time to ensure the long-term health and viability of your Barrie Curling Club.

According to the Government of Ontario’s Covid-19 Framework, Stage Red unfortunately means we must halt curling activity for a period of at least 28 days, effective Monday, December 14.

The Board of Directors met on Dec 7 and are committed to resumption of curling in the 2020/21 season as both government restrictions and financial realities allow.  We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and communicate next steps as we have a clearer understanding as to how long our shutdown will last.

In regard to the membership fees you have paid, we will have the following options available should we sustain a significant loss to our scheduled activities. Any amount would represent a prorated season. Those options will include:

  • Contribute unused fees to club operations;
  • Credit of the unused portion of your membership fees toward 2021-2022 activity fees;
  • Donate unused fees to the National Sport Trust Fund for a charitable tax receipt;
  • Refund unused fees.

Fee calculations will be available at a later date.

Thank you for your continued ability to adapt during this time, and for your patience as we continue through this Covid chaos. Additional questions and concerns may be directed to Melanie Hughes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 705-726-1351 ext. 21.

Board of Directors

Barrie Curling Club




As you are aware, our area is now in Stage Restrict – Orange of the province of Ontario’s Covid-19 Framework.

We are pleased to let you know that this change from Yellow to Orange does not affect your curling activity. That is to say, you may continue to curl, following the Curling Canada rules as posted and maintaining physical distance of 2m.

There are a few changes to what will be happening off the ice at the club:

·        Screening: Members must self-screen before entering the building. We have screening questions posted at and around the main entrance to facilitate this. Do NOT enter the building if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed. Non-members coming to the building will be required to sign off on having cleared the questionnaire. Members who have completed the Declaration of Compliance have therefore agreed you will not enter the building if you are feeling unwell.

 ·        Face coverings: Face coverings must be worn at all times in the clubhouse except when eating or drinking. Face coverings are still not mandatory in the rink but highly recommended when not actively delivering or sweeping a stone.

 ·        Entry and exit times: You may be at the club for 90 minutes only, not including the time you spend curling. We ask that all curlers continue to arrive no more than 20 minutes before game time so you can still have about an hour for post-game socializing upstairs.

 ·        Spectators: Spectators are NOT permitted, with the exception of parents/guardians of youth or other athletes requiring supervision.

·        Bar hours: We cannot serve liquor after 9pm, and the bar close at 10pm nightly. Curling may continue after 10pm. If your curling finishes after 10pm, you will be leaving the building immediately after your game, rather than going upstairs.

Thank you for your continued ability to adapt as the Board and Management work to provide an enjoyable curling experience. We’re all in this together! Please contact me if you have any questions.



Melanie Hughes

Manager, Barrie Curling Club



Further to our update of November 7, the Board has been able to get confirmation from SMDHU that curling activity will not be affected by the move to Stage Yellow. Additionally, curling activity is not affected should our area move to Stage Orange. 

The only change you will see at this time will be the reorganization of tables and chairs upstairs to allow maximum 4 people per table. 

We will only have to change how your curling activity is operating is if we move to Stage Red. Until that time, please go ahead and enjoy curling as you have been. 

Thank you for your continued patience and diligence as we navigate this ever-changing situation.

Melanie Hughes

Manager, Barrie Curling Club 



We have been given to understand that the City of Barrie is now in stage Yellow ("Protect") of the Government of Ontario's recently updated measures for managing the spread of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, there remains some information yet to be confirmed with the club by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit as to exactly how these measures may affect the club's operations. 

Believing that caution is the better part of valour, we have decided to cancel all curling activities until at least 11:30 am on Monday, November 9. Ie. Junior and Intermediate, Doubles and Senior Jitney draws on Sunday and Monday are cancelled.

The Monday Senior CYO league may be able to curl if we are able to get the information we need from the SMDHU in a timely manner. We will advise all skips of the Monday Senior CYO league by 10:00 am if you are able to curl, or not. Skips, you will then be asked to contact your teammates.

Further updates will be available as we get them. 

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued patience as the Board and Management disseminate information from government and health authorities.


Melanie Hughes

Manager, Barrie Curling Club



masks at the curling club oct2020


modified rules


When You Come to the Club - A document outlining what you can expect to see and do when you come to the club for curling.

New On-Ice Rules - Here's a helpful illustration of how the new on-ice rules work.

Check out this video from the Sherwood Park Curling Club to see how the new on-ice rules are working. Enjoy!


The following procedures and policies were approved at the Board of Directors Meeting on September 14, 2020:

4102 - BCC Controlling Infectious or Contagious Contaminants Safety Policy

5102A - BCC COVID-19 Operational Procedure - General Manager

5102B - BCC COVID-19 Operational Procedure - The Members' Covenant

5102D - BCC COVID-19 Operational Procedure - Ice Technician

5102E - BCC COVID-19 Operational Procedure - Catering and Bar




[PDF document here]

It will not be news to anyone that life, as we know it, has changed in the last 5 months but, notwithstanding this, we all look forward to the new Curling season.  The BCC Board of Directors has been watching, listening and agonizing over the last number of months as to how to make this happen, given the significant ongoing (and continuously changing) risk situation.  We believe we have a solution that best fits within the framework of some considerable limitations.

These are:

  • The Province has determined, as of this date, that indoor gatherings will be limited to 50 people at any one time;
  • Masks must be worn within indoor public spaces;
  • We are each entitled to an unchanging ‘bubble’ of ten individuals; and
  • Social distancing of 2 metres needs to be maintained where possible.

CurlON, in association with Curling Canada, has developed a return to play methodology and has sought clarification of the rules as they specifically apply to curling in Ontario and the Board has applied these clarifications to the specific situation of the BCC, which has led to the following conclusions:

  • There is now an allowable ‘Curling Bubble’ of 50 people which, in our case, is applicable to 2 separate areas within the facility – i.e. the ice surface (including main floor lobby before draws begin) and the upstairs lounge so, theoretically speaking, there could be 100 people (plus staff) within the building at any one time;
  • Masks need not be worn when on the ice surface or when seated in the lounge;
  • For the purposes of actually curling and associating within the building, the ‘bubble’ is limited by the province to 50 people; and
  • CurlON has come up with a methodology to play the game while, at the same time, social distancing.

All that being said, there will be some noticeable changes to your Curling experience!


Registration will be open at noon on September 8, 2020 on a first come, first served basis, under the following terms:

  • Because of the 50 person ‘bubbles’, each league will be restricted to a max of 50 curlers and bonspiels are in-house only with one possible exception, a Stu Sells event in early December;
  • Each curler will be able to register for multiple leagues. With the 50 person restriction in place, if a ‘one day a week’ curler is not able to register for a league (the league is full) and a curler in that league is registered for ‘multiple’ leagues, every attempt will be made to satisfy the ‘one day a week’ curler ensuring she/he is able to curl in their preferred league;
  • Each Curler (or parent in case of minors) will be required to read and sign both a Waiver and a Declaration of Compliance at Registration in order to be accepted to curl. These have been sent to you and will be posted on the BCC website shortly;
  • Teams (including Team Members names) and Leagues will be posted on the club website as soon as they become available.
  • It must be noted that, at this time, the rules imposed by the Province advise extreme caution when scheduling or conducting all bonspiels, particularly ‘outside’ bonspiels.


In order to minimize the risk for all, and in compliance with Provincial Regulations and the CurlON Return to Play Guidelines, the locker rooms will be available provided Covid-19 distancing, health and safety protocols are abided by. Curlers will NOT be permitted to enter the club until 20 minutes prior to game time. This gives the previous draw time to clear the area, INTERMINGLING OF PLAYERS FROM TWO SEPARATE DRAWS IS NOT PERMITTED. At this point in time, BCC provided brooms, delivery devices (delivery sticks and stabilizers), sliders and grippers will NOT be available. Each curler is responsible to have their own equipment. Once in the building, the new normal of our lives applies:

  • There will be additional hand sanitizers for use throughout the building;
  • Individuals should avoid unnecessary contact with any surfaces within the building;
  • Masks will be mandatory at all times except in the ice shed and when seated in the lounge;
  • The 50 person ‘bubble’ shall be maintained at all times, that is, no contact with the previous or ensuing draw; and
  • All Curlers shall comport themselves responsibly and notify the BCC if they contract Covid or have been in close contact with any other who has; and
  • The BCC will implement additional cleaning protocols which may, or may not, impact the curling schedule.


  • Curlers shall enter the building through the front doors 20 minutes prior to game time, appropriately masked. Curlers must determine and declare (Declaration of Compliance) that they have no Covid or Covid-like symptoms and are otherwise in good health so as not to place others at risk of both Covid and/or a compromised immune system from flu or other such maladies. In accordance with the Declaration of Compliance, Curlers will not attend if, for any reason, they have a legal or moral obligation to self-quarantine;
  • Curlers shall avail themselves of the hand sanitizers immediately upon entering the building;
  • Curlers may proceed to the locker rooms to attire themselves for their game.
  • Curlers will congregate in the main lobby area, properly observing ALL Covid protocols.
  • At the appointed time, Curlers will enter the shed via the Northeast Door (by the manager’s office) and proceed to their sheet, at which time they may remove their masks, ensuring social distancing is observed at all times;
  • A Curler from each team will disinfect the rocks using disinfectant wipes which shall be available at or near each sheet, after which play will commence;
  • There will be wipes at the far end to allow for disinfection of the measuring device and the scoreboard numbers. Disinfection of any provided equipment within the shed is the responsibility of the user;
  • At the end of play, Curlers will properly house the rocks and exit the ice shed through the Southeast door (by the washrooms), proceed to the locker rooms.
  • When exiting the locker rooms, curlers may proceed upstairs to the upper lounge via the south stairwell (by the Board Room) or exit the building via the Northeast stairs (through the door by the manager’s office) proceed halfway down the stairs to the Men’s’ Locker room to the outside exit door. Curlers who have proceeded to the upstairs lounge remain in the lounge for a period of one hour after the end of the game, at which time they must exit the building via the Northeast stairs. The only flexibility in lounge occupancy is if the occupants have played in the last draw scheduled for that day.

The foregoing should serve to separate the bubbles and ensure that the building does not exceed its Provincially mandated occupancy but adherence to these rules is also the obligation of the individual Curler and it is only through the responsible conduct of the membership that we will remain compliant and safe.


CurlON has developed a methodology to keep all safe and more information will follow but, in short, the following are the changes:

  • There are defined places for each individual, on each team, during all stages of play;
  • There will only be the shooter in the hack – all others are on the sidelines beyond the hog line;
  • There will only be one sweeper for the whole time that the rock is in motion on the playing surface or until the rock goes out of play through the back of the house;
  • There will only be the receiving skip in the house – that is, no sweeping of opponent’s stones beyond the T line; and
  • When the buzzer sounds, after 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending on the allotted game time, the game is over and the partial end is counted as complete as it stands with scoring rocks tallied. Once the buzzer sounds, the rocks are housed and the ice pad is vacated. The only flexibility in this regard is if there is no draw following. These guidelines may vary as we settle into the season.

We all realize that none of this ideal and will be a great hardship/inconvenience/annoyance/travesty for some more than others but, after much thought and discussion, it has been concluded that this provides the most fair and equitable solution for all.  We note, at this time that CurlON successfully ‘lobbied’ the Province for some relaxation of the rules that allow the BCC membership to be treated as a single league (much like hockey leagues) which allows for expansion of the ‘Curling Bubble’ to encompass all members.  This has allowed for registration in multiple leagues.  Should other situations and limitations change (for the better!), we can, and will, address changes and/or relaxations as may be appropriate but, until that time, it is crucial that the good natured forbearance and active cooperation of the membership as a whole be freely given to ensure there will be curling this year and to assist in ensuring there will be a BCC in years to come. 

The Board of Directors is doing its best to keep our members up to date on the changes that continue to take place within the ever-evolving curling in Covid conditions. To that end, a Q&A sheet will be posted on the BCC website prior to the beginning of registration on Tuesday September 8th with the latest answers to questions asked by you, our members.

The Board thanks you in advance.



Welcome to the Barrie Curling Club 2nd Covid-19 update. As promised, we will continue weekly updates with pertinent information regarding the reopening of the club in October. Much of the info will be new while some info will be repeated to simply emphasize its importance. 
The BCC is very aware that these emails, once received, can get buried and lost in the mumble jumble of your email inbox. We are also aware that, like yours truly, one half of our members have walked gracefully into our 'wonder' years and every once in a while, things may be forgotten or misplaced. Not to worry, we have you covered! The important information we send to you in these updates will be highlighted on the BCC website in weeks to come so we'll all know EXACTLY where it is. So, fear not, feel free to forget, misplace, walk or even run into your 'wonder' years, we'll always have the info where it's needed.
By the way, you may be curious about those 'wonder' years, it's those years we may 'wonder' what we did with the car keys, 'wonder' where we parked the car, 'wonder' why we went to the basement, you may even 'wonder' what store you dropped your spouse off at. Don't worry, he/she normally finds their way home.
The 'Legal' documents attached below will be 3 of the more important pieces of information of the year.  The 'Season Waiver' (one for over and one for under the age of majority will be required prior to the start of the season. The Declaration of Compliance will be required each and every time you come to the club. This is similar to the questions that many businesses physically ask before granting your admission to their establishment. 
We know you will have questions and concerns. Over the next few weeks we ask you to write them down and in future updates we hope they will be addressed. If over the next four weeks we have not addressed your concerns, we will be offering a 'new' curling club email address to send the questions to so that we can properly address them.
Remember to always 'hurry hard'!
For the BCC Board of Directors
Al McKenna




To all Barrie Curling Club Members.

Normally there would not be a need to update you, our members, while you’re enjoying your summer refreshments on these warm, sunny days. However, with the curling season only two short months away and the situation continually changing with Covid, we know that you have as many questions and concerns about curling this year as do, we.

The past few months have been unusually busy for the Board of Directors as they gather and prepare to disseminate the Covid health and safety information and how it relates to curling. This email will mark the start of a series of weekly emails designed to bring you up-to-speed on curling at the Barrie Curling Club for the 2020/2021 season. The season will not be like any other we have ever experienced. There are still some uncertainties, however, so far, the plan is:

  • To begin registration on September 8th.
  • League play will begin on October 19th.
  • Masks will be required at all times while at the club except when you are physically curling and while seated in the upstairs lounge.
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at specific predetermined areas throughout the club. For your health and the health of your curling friends, it is strongly suggested you use it whenever possible.
  • All other Covid 19 protocols in effect at the time must be followed. Not following these protocols can have health and safety implications for our fellow members AND could result in the club being closed by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit for failure to comply with these protocols.

There will be on-ice protocols as prepared by Curling Canada to be followed as well. These protocols are attached below in ‘On-ice Illustrations’. The changes are:

The Non-Delivering Team

  • Players 1, 2, 3 (blue) will remain in the designated positions on the sideline. These positions will be marked appropriately in the ice.
  • Player calling the game (blue 4) will remain behind the house maintaining a 6-foot distance from his opponent in the house

The Delivering Team

  • Player calling the game (red 4) will be in the house.
  • One (only) player will sweep (red 3). That player is positioned between the house and the hog line. This player will be the only sweeper until the rock comes to rest at the other end of the ice or goes out of play. The player in the house (usually the Skip) will not be permitted to sweep (appropriately so…we all know most Skips sweeping prowess).
  • Player delivering the rock will be in the hack.
  • Remaining player will stand behind the delivering player and will follow that player out of the hack while admiring his teammates ability to almost hit the broom.
  • When it's time for the Skip to deliver her/his rock, prior to these rules it was only the Vice that had the opportunity to view this delivery. Now, if the sweepers were to alternate sweeping, all teammates now have the opportunity to observe the perfect form, delivery speed and aim of their fearless leader as he delivers the perfect stone knowing full well that if the shot is not made it will most certainly be a sweeping error, a pic in the ice, or possibly a mismatched rock. After all, his/her delivery is perfect every time.

Please take the time to become familiar with these positions on-ice so that we are all able to contribute to a smooth flowing game.

As mentioned earlier in this email, we will now be sending our members weekly updates. This is the first of these emails and, as such, we strongly urge everyone to keep a close eye on your club emails as each and every one will contain additional info. Some of the info MAY appear to be repetitive, however, due to the ever-evolving environment of Covid, we will continue sending you the most up-to-date info we have at the time.

For the BCC Board of Directors

Al McKenna 

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