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Check this space for all the need-to-know info as it relates to leagues, memberships, and more for the upcoming curling season. 

Important Dates

September 8 - Registration opens (12pm)

October 19 - League play begins



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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated October 9, 2020

PDF document: FAQs

1.Q… Is the Board considering offering some type of “Membership Hold and Donate” where members would elect to NOT play but make a donation to fees to assist club financially?

If members wish to donate to the club to ensure its future financial viability, there are a number of ways to do so. Presently, the National Sports Trust Fund (tax deductible donated funds previously used for the Ice Pad renovation) is still active. Any donations to the fund can be used by the club for a variety of projects and, as mentioned, is a tax-deductible donation. Please contact our Manager for details.

2.Q… The Tuesday and Wednesday evening late draw schedules are moving from 8:15 to 8:30. We have lost some curlers over the years because they get home too late after the post-game some social. Is there a way to change this?

The Board is doing its best to come up with solutions to a number of these issues but it should also be realized that members themselves have the ability to help solve these problems as well. Members and convenors have the ability to come together and run their league in whatever way that they feel will serve the curlers best. Consideration should be given to playing 6 ends as opposed to 8 ends so as to accommodate those who work the next day.

3.Q… What happens to our memberships for the season if, due to COVID, curling has to be suspended for a period of time or, worse case scenario, the club is forced to close? 

The Board of Directors realizes our club must remain flexible and open to the changing issues associated with Covid 19. A number of options to consider if required are:

  1. At the discretion of the member, the balance (based on a prorated season) or any portion thereof, can be donated to the club (as per question 1).
  2. At the discretion of the member, the balance (based on a prorated season) would be carried forward to the 2021/2022 season membership.
  3. At the discretion of the member, a refund will be issued based on a prorated season.
  4. Please contact our Manager for details.

4.Q…Will we be using the change rooms? 

YES.  A couple things to mention here. Covid 19 protocols keep changing on a regular basis. Presently, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has given us the green light to use the locker rooms. A few members have mentioned they feel the locker rooms should be "out of bounds". The issue with that being the overcrowding of winter boots and coats at the front entrance thus compounding the health and safety distancing issues. There will be boot trays and coat racks available at the main entrance for those who wish to avoid the locker rooms. Please note, our members are free to conduct themselves in whatever manner they feel suits their needs.

5.Q…Will the kitchen be open?

YES. TCB has signed on for another year and are looking forward to serving your favourite tasty meals.

6.Q…How many curlers are permitted at one time?

50 plus Staff and/or volunteers is the limit. Therefore, only 12 teams on the ice at a time.

7.Q…What about upstairs – will we sit at a group table or with your own team?

That will be totally up to the members of your team and the other team. Obviously, we are not able to dictate who you sit and converse with, however, the chairs around the tables will be spaced to promote physical distancing, remembering that we are permitted to have masks removed while sitting at the tables drinking and eating.

8.Q…Will we be allowed 50 upstairs and 50 on the ice? 

We're permitted 50 on the ice, and 50 upstairs...no mingling of any of the 2 groups.

9.Q…Leagues – there are many rumours going around so we need to clarify this. Some people are saying we can only play in one league, others are saying only in one club. ​ ​

  • That was one that kept changing. The Club is its own 'bubble'. We can curl in as many leagues as we wish, HOWEVER, we are only permitted to be a member at one club, and one club ONLY!

10. Q…Outsiders coming in to our club – again, we need this clarified.  Many clubs have already said no to events that will bring in non-members. Will any curlers from other clubs be allowed to curl in home club leagues (if someone curls in Stroud, will they be allowed to curl in Barrie?)

This is a grey area. The Board is trying to have CurlON provide further clarification. Presently, no outsiders. However, a Stu Sells event is tentatively planned for early December with numerous restrictions in place. Please note, members from other clubs in our area will have curlers in our Industrial League on Monday and members from our club will be playing in the Stroud Major League on a weekly basis.

11.Q…Which leagues at our club do we see as potentially not going this year?

ALL leagues will be a go with some restrictions in place due to Covid.

12.Q…Are there any updates to report from the Osmington issue? 

We are currently awaiting a proposal form Osmington. Osmington has yet to present an updated plan that reflects the most recent changes as discussed at the latest City of Barrie Planning Meeting. Updates will be provided to members as they come available.

13.Q…Just a clarification about masks being worn while in the lounge...must masks be worn while in the upstairs lounge? 

Masks must be worn at all times in the lounge but can be removed while seated.

14.Q…Why do we charge less for Friday Night Mixed and Mixed Doubles as compared to Adult and Senior once a week curling? They are both 'once a week curling' aren't they? 

The Friday Night Mixed membership is lower than Once/Week because it is the league most likely to get “the axe” if the club is hosting a multi-day event, and they only ever play 6 ends.

15.Q…Practice times – so far, the club has indicated ‘tentative’ practice times. Are we able to offer practice times? If so, what is the criteria.

We are now happy to announce that we are able to offer practice times as per the schedule. Physical distancing is required. It is recommended that you sanitize the handles of the rocks you will be using before and after practice.

16.Q…It appears that the school system protocol for a class with a person in a class that either has Covid-19 or a person displaying the symptoms, the class is closed, students (in that class only) must stay home until it has proven they are not infected. Is this what we can expect for our leagues?

It is very important to note that any member feeling or displaying any signs of Covid 19 must remain at home for your own protection and the protection of your fellow curlers. If a curler tests positive for Covid 19 or displays the symptoms, his/her league members will be notified. The Board and Management will follow the direction of the SMDHU should anyone from the club test positive.

17.Q…Will we be distancing in the lobby (with masks on) while waiting to go on-ice?

Yes. There will be floor markings in the lobby and social distancing will be preferred.

18.Q…For leagues with multiple draws (FNM late, Thursday CYO) will those still alternate times, or do you register for a particular draw time? 

Previously the Thursday CYO league comingled. That is not permitted under Covid. If there are sufficient curlers for two Thursday night CYO draws, there will be a draw (A) and a draw (B) bubbles. The draws will alternate times each week. They never comingle. FNM early is the same; FNM late draws alternated as “bubbles”.

19.Q…When/how are we going to run Learn to Curl?

The club intends to run a Learn to Curl in January once we are certain our Covid-19 protocols are effective

20.Q…A few people have mentioned they have friends who would like to join that may or may not have curled before. Can we provide instruction once the ice is playable?

With no Learn to Curl Program in place the club will make every possible attempt to provide initial on-ice instruction to give new curlers the opportunity to learn the game prior to joining a league.

21.Q…How are paper registration forms processed?

If you have completed a paper registration form, you may drop it off in the club mailbox or board room. The form will be dated and processed 4 days following the day it was dropped off. If you would like your registration done immediately, you may come to the club and we will assist you with registering online and completing the waiver and Declaration.

22.Q…How is the club tracking CYO league registrations (max 12 teams)? 

We will be keeping a chart in the board room of teams whose members have completed registration. Once all team members have completed their registration, the team will go on the league list. Once we get to 12 teams (or 24 in the case of FNM and Thursday CYO), the league is full.

23.Q…With members participating at multiple clubs – what is the palatable level of risk for the BOD? Eg. Major leagues in Stroud and Cookstown.

            Please refer to question #10.

24.Q…What is the protocol If a member tests positive for Covid-19 (incl Industrial League)?

  • We will hear about this directly from the person affected, or from public health.
  • Check-in info to be provided by Melanie to public health when asked to assist with contact tracing
  • Club closes immediately for a period of 24 hours for thorough cleaning.
  • Anybody who was at the club the same day as the affected member should self-monitor for 14 days and take the Covid Assessment available via government of Ontario website
  • Notification will be sent to the membership via email (and posted at the club) indicating leagues and days affected, cleaning process and timing, and scheduled return to play.
  • The infected member may not return to the club until they have a negative test.

25.Q…What if a staff member, contractor, TCB tests positive?

  • As above

26.Q…What if contractor, service/delivery technician, client tests positive

  • As above

27.Q…What processes are we using to keep the clubhouse, rink and high touch surfaces disinfected?

  • Extensive disinfecting procedures and checklists have been devised and will be in use by TCB, our building cleaner, and the Ice Tech.
  • Logs of the club’s cleaning activities will be maintained.
  • All cleaning protocols will be compliant with and scrutinized by the SMDHU.

28.Q…How do I registering in person at the club?

Please call the Manager (705-726-1351 ext.21) to make an appointment in advance. This will prevent having to wait for her to become available. Please note: cash or cheques will not be received, debit or credit cards only.

29.Q…What will the club do if a staff member fails pre-shift screening?

  • Back-up plan will come into play once the staff member reports to the manager or volunteer on duty
  • If staff are unable to stay because they did not pass pre-shift screening, they will be paid for the time they were scheduled to work (assuming bar closure at 12:00 am)

30.Q…Can I come watch my spouse/friend/child while they curl?

  • Adult leagues – yes, if first draw of the day or evening (so as not to surpass 50 people on main floor or upstairs) OR if you are here to support a curler (eg. Supporting family member or support worker, coach).
  • At no time is the capacity of any given area to surpass 50 people (plus staff)

 31.Q…Are spares allowed for league play?

  • Yes, you may sign up to spare in any league for which you would be eligible to play once you have registered. To do this: Once you are logged into the club website, under the Member Menu, go to My Sparing Availability.

32.Q…Will the buzzer be used, and how does it work?

  • For those of you who are new to the club, we use a buzzer to let our curlers know when their on-ice time is almost complete. The buzzer will be especially important this year, because the success of our Covid-related protocols depends on everything working on schedule. To begin the season, the buzzer will work as follows:
    • For 6-end draws, you will have 1 hour 30 minutes to complete your game. The buzzer will go at 1 hour 20 minutes.
    • For 8-end draws, you will have 2 hours to complete your game. The buzzer will go at 1 hour 50 minutes.
    • Once the buzzer sounds, you may complete the end you are currently playing, then your game is complete (Ie. No new ends to begin after the buzzer.)

33.Q…Will any of the club protocols change? 

  • Short answer: Probably. We will continue to adapt as the season progresses. If we find we can make any changes that will increase our members’ enjoyment while following health and safety protocols, then we will. Stay tuned.

34.Q…I have stuff in my locker. When can I come to the club and get it?

 The club is open weekdays (except holidays) from 9:00-4:30. You may come anytime during those hours to get things from your locker. Just check in at the board room upon arrival.

35.Q…What are the updated rules and recommendations for mask use while at the club? 

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the main floor lounge and lobby areas, locker rooms, board room, offices, washrooms, upstairs lounge, bar and dining areas.

Exception: You may remove your mask when seated at a table upstairs. We strongly recommend you keep your mask on when not eating or drinking.

  • Masks may be worn at anytime in the rink. We strongly recommend you wear a mask when not actively delivering or sweeping a stone.

36.Q…Why do we have to exit via the north side door?

  • Drafting a traffic flow plan that has a dedicated entry and exit was a requirement of both Curling Canada and CurlON (as noted in the Return to Play guidelines) and public health officials. In order to improve the esthetic appeal and safety of the side exit, we will be adding an outdoor light, adding an outdoor security camera, cleaning up the area near the door, moving the waste bins, and using salt during the winter months.


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