Companies and individuals have requested that they contribute to specific programs and events through the provision of products, services and gift certificates...and we can certainly accommodate sponsors. We will recognize our sponsors at the specific events and programs they want to support. For larger supporters, we include free advertising at the club year-round in addition to the event or program-specific recognition.

We currently have 4 Large Sponsors:

  • Optimist Club of Barrie - long-time sponsors of the Little Rocks and Juniors program. The Optimist Club has helped the program double in size over the last 5 years.
  • Hugh Price Gardening - the BCC Men's Bonspiel was introduced in 2012 and has been a successful spiel from the start. One main reason for the success has been the generous sponsorship from Hugh Price Gardening without whom the spiel would not have been quick out of the gate. Hugh is a member of the club and wanted to give back to the club for the friendship and community feeling it has provided him. For that we are extremely grateful.
  • Asahi Beer (including Tyskie Beer) - is sponsoring the 140th Anniversary Bonspiel and has also become an advertiser at the BCC. What a way to celebrate our birthday with a great beer and help fundraising for our infrastructure campaign including our floor. We are greatful for a new sponsor.
  • Pelee Island Winery - The Pelee Island Wine Bonspiel was a great event in 2016 thanks to the wine contribution of Pelee Island Wineries. The Jitney bonspiel was a fantastic way to introduce our new curlers from the Development League to bonspieling. They had a chance to play in a tournament and meet club members who they would compete with and against as new members at the BCC. 

Please find details in our Advertising and Sponsorship Booklet.

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