The strategic planning process began in late 2013 with a committee comprised of 2 board members and 3 club members, armed with a 5-year-old plan that was never fully implemented and some great ideas. The result was that the first plan was passed by the Board of Directors in 2014.

Today the BCC Strategic Plan is a valuable and essential tool for analyzing our business and the environment in which it operates, thus facilitating the development of a logical operating and policy strategy to carry us into the future. The strategic plan is intended to guide the governance, planning and operations of the BCC by providing the Board of Directors with an overarching mission and by establishing the lines of operation, targets and prioritized resource allocation necessary for continued, long-range success. It is focused on the immediate fiscal year and near five-year horizon (2015 to 2020) but also with intention to identify beyond-the-horizon considerations. In establishing the broad resource allocations, the strategic plan also informs the more detailed Budget.

The real meat of the plan comes from its targets which Board members strive to meet. These are our end-points every year.

Our current plan: 2017/2018 Strategic Plan

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