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Updated 25 February 2021:

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19 February 2021

Jackpot 5000


We are participating in the CurlON province-wide 50/50!

Every purchase you make supports youth curling in Ontario. 

Specifically, you support youth curling here at the Barrie Curling Club by clicking or tapping on the "Buy Now" button below. 

How Does it Work?

  • CurlON has done all the administrative legwork for us by securing the lottery license; 
  • Clubs sell tickets from a link that identifies their club as the seller ("Buy Now" button below); 
  • Sales will be returned to the club at 40%
  • There is a monthly 50/50 draw, and 3 early bird prizes of $500 each;
  • Tickets are sold at 50 for $100, 20 for $50 and 5 for $20

In short: This benefits the club directly, and by being a province-wide campaign, the jackpot will be a very healthy sum!

More Info: CurlON 50-50 Info page

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